Wayne / Pike Mass Casualty

Disaster Drill -- April 28, 2007

Wayne and Pike Counties held a joint county mass casualty disaster drill at the elementary school for the Wallenpaupack School District east of Hawley off U. S. Route 6 beginning around 0930 Saturday morning.

More than 230 emergency services personnel from more than twenty different agencies from three counties participated in the exercise which was designed to teach multiple agency coordination and the capabilities of local emergency services units. Honesdale Fire Department played a small part in the event at the school and a major part in the secondary site at Wayne Memorial Hospital, working in conjunction with hospital personnel to carry out patient and responder decontamination and triage at the facility. Following the exercise a "hot wash" debriefing was held in the hospital. Below are photos from the event showing scenes from initial setup to break down at the conclusion of the exercise.





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