Honesdale Fire Department

Training Photos

The photos displayed below show just a few of the things we do as a department for training and some of the fire personnel participating

Rescue 7 and Engine 3 Training at Northeast Towing April 17, 2006


 Rescue 7 and Engine 3 training at Northeast Towing April 17, 2006

All good training sessions begin with a briefing on what the expectations of the class should be, safety precautions, the tools to be sued and their proper application and finally who is in charge of the session. When the session is complete it ends with a briefing to discuss the procedures that were just learned.

     Rich Box, Captain of Protection Engine Company No. 3 practices sawing through a windshield. This method of opening up the front windshield greatly reduces the amount of glass flying around the inside of the vehicle.
     Crews attach the vehicle from both sides using different tools to accomplish their goal
     While one group practices vehicle entry another trains in the art of properly cribbing a vehicle so that it is safe to work on.
 Hose Company No. 1 and Texas No 4 training on building construction in an old home slated for demolition . Training session begins with a briefing of about what will be learned in the session, the tools to be used, etc.    
     Jerry Dulay, Hose Company No. 1 and a building contractor describes different types of building construction and the tools needed to effectively combat a frie in each.
 Accountability, needs to be practiced at all training functions so that it becomes secondnature on the fireground.    
 Younger firefighters practice with ladders while long time members offer helpful suggestions    Don Matthews explains technique to a newer member.

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