The City Of

Toledo, Ohio

According to Silsby records purchased six engines from Silsby Manufacturing Co, none of these are known to exist today. The first two were Silsby Engines 13 and 33, built in 1861. No. 33 was a 2nd. size engine, the records to not state the size of the first. Engine No. 37, an additional second size was purchased in 1863. In 1868, an additional 2nd. size engine, No. 195 was purchased. This engine was returned to Silsby in 1898. In 1872 an additional 2nd size engine, No. 362 was purchased and served the city until 1892 when it was returned to Silsby (American Fire Engine Co.) and then resold by them to Lock Haven, PA. The final engine was an 1886 third size, No. 843. Because of the Crane Neck Frame design, the engine shown is most certainly the last engine, #843. Does anyone know what happened to this engine. If so, please E-Mail any information.

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