St. Paul, MN 1866 2nd Size Silsby No 108

The above photos were supplied by Ron Pearson show two of the seven Silsby engines known to have been used by

St. Paul, MN. The first photo is clearly No 108. It is my belief that the second photo shows No. 248, also a second size

engine built in 1870. The reason for this belief is the crown design which looks more like the model of 1869 - 1874

rather than the model 1866 - 1868. It also appears to be too small too be a first size engine which eliminates several of the others,

and the sixth engine, No. 880 would have had a crane neck frame design. No telling exactly what the final engine looked like. Which ever engines

these are, they are beautiful examples of early Silsby engines. Below is a listing of the Silsby engines once used by St. Paul.


 Year   Make  S/N   Type  Miscellaneous  Notes  Other
 1866  Silsby  108  2nd Class rotary800-gpm  City of St.Paul  2-horse hitch  1st steam fire engine Minnesota
 1868   Silsby  214  1st Class rotary 900 GPM    3-horse hitch  
 1870   Silsby  248  2nd Class rotary 800 GPM    3-horse hitch  
 1872   Silsby  368  1st Class rotary 900 GPM    3-horse hitch  
 1872   Silsby  369  1st Class rotary 900 GPM    3-horse hitch  
 1887   Silsby  880  3rd Class rotary 600-gpm    3-horse hitch  
 1899  Silsby  ?  3rd Class rotary 600-gpm    3-horse hitch  May have been a used engine, possibly a rebuilt 1872

Don't know where the last listed engine, a second-hand rebuild came from. It was only on the roster from 1899 to 1903.

St. Paul had the habit of using the YEAR the rig was put in service and not the year it was built.

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